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Message from the General Manager

Welcome to Ruiyuan New Employees

New employee colleagues:

I am very pleased to express a warm welcome to you on behalf of all the staff of Ruiyuan. Ruiyuan is proud to have you as an excellent newcomer. Shanghai Ruiyuan International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2006 and is headquartered on the 33rd floor of Hongkou Baokuan International Building in the central area of Shanghai. It is a transportation agency company focusing on international shipping, international air transportation, customs declaration and inspection. To provide our customers with more excellent and comprehensive warehousing, trailers, customs declaration, inspection, logistics distribution, logistics solutions and other comprehensive supporting services companies. We are always committed to the extensive cooperation and win-win situation of the society, and strive to be the best representative of the logistics industry. Ruiyuan's biggest asset is to have a group of down-to-earth, enthusiastic, cooperative and common progress employees. For talents, we always sincerely "continuously introduce talents and make continuous progress; find talents, cultivate talents, retain people Talents, motivating talents ". I hope that your new colleagues will inherit and carry forward the most traditional and excellent culture of Ruiyuan Logistics and the hard-working spirit of Ruiyuan people.

Hongtu's cause is added! Ruiyuan currently has more than 40 employees. In addition to the headquarters, we also have branches in Zhangjiagang and Bangladesh. And we are planning to gradually establish our outlets in major cities across the country and relevant important ports overseas. Customers provide better and faster logistics services. After strict selection and careful consideration, the large team of Ruiyuan Logistics accepted your application for joining. It also requires you to bring us more surprises and strength. In the future, Ruiyuan is a big family. Hope Everyone can go hand in hand with Ruiyuan's career development! First of all, as a new employee, you must go through a trial period of 1-3 months. During this time, you must work hard to learn the rules and regulations of Ruiyuan company, familiarize with and Abide by Ruiyuan's daily operation mode and integrate into the team as soon as possible; In addition, according to your training direction, you also need to learn the basic knowledge of the logistics industry, international air transportation, international shipping, import, customer development skills, marketing Basic skills related to work, such as means. And, you will continue to develop your ability to work independently and solve problems. There will always be new problems at work, and learn to solve them proactively Questions can adapt to the development of the company; everything can not always rely on their companions, you must learn to solve problems independently and complete work independently in order to truly create value. After you become a regular employee of Ruiyuan Company, I hope you can continue to learn and learn again and again, and strive to become a leader in this business field, and make great contributions to the development of Ruiyuan Company. contribution. I hope you can continue to innovate, and you can't improve without innovation. At the same time, I also hope that you can strictly abide by the rules and regulations of Ruiyuan Company, be honest, and build yourself into a qualified professional who meets the requirements of social development. I hope that you can unite colleagues, pro-clients with a positive and open mind, and realize the simultaneous improvement of professional development and personal comprehensive quality.

During your work at Ruiyuan, the company will do its utmost to provide you with reasonable pay, legal benefits and vacations to ensure that the quality of life of you and your family is gradually improved.

Ruiyuan will also provide appropriate training opportunities to enrich the connotation of your professionalism. On your career path and the development of Ruiyuan, we are fortunate to walk with you hand in hand. We hope that this journey will add a glorious sum to your life and a wonderful chapter in Ruiyuan's movement. Let us work together and progress together!