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Provide customers with reliable products and services to create sustainable wealth and value for the society.

Company Culture

Shanghai Ruiyuan International Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and is headquartered on the 33rd floor of Baokuang International Building, No. 218 Wujing Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai. The company has more than 40 employees and has focused on the exploration and development of international logistics for more than ten years. He is a member of the International Logistics Association such as WCA (World Cargo Transportation Alliance), NOVCC (Non-vessel Cargo Air), JCTRANS (Jincheng Logistics Network), and has an agent network all over the world. The company has professional customer service department, overseas department, marketing department, customs declaration department, personnel administration department, finance department and other functional departments; the company has gathered many excellent talents in the same industry, which can provide safe, fast and more personalized for different customers. Import and export logistics services, and provide our customers with better and comprehensive warehousing, trailers, customs declaration, inspection, logistics distribution, logistics solutions and other comprehensive supporting services. Ruiyuan Logistics always adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and win-win", and adheres to "people-oriented, brand management, and return to society" as our values. "Integrity in the world, express global" is the dream and pursuit of Ruiyuan people. Ruiyuan Logistics has accumulated a lot of good customers by virtue of its integrity management for many years, and also completed the company's expected development direction. As a member of the Ruiyuan Logistics family, we all have reasons to be proud; in the new Under the circumstances, in the face of a new round of company development opportunities, what kind of face do each of us have to meet the challenges and opportunities? I hope that each of us can inherit and carry forward the outstanding cultural traditions and innovation of Ruiyuan people. With a hard-working spirit, not afraid of difficulties, dare to challenge, the first soldiers to serve as the vanguard of all aspects of the company and Ruiyuan Logistics go forward together. As the old saying goes: "Practice yields true knowledge, and diligence can make up for it." The internal reference of Ruiyuan Logistics brought together the valuable experience and hard work of a generation of seniors, and passed the collaborative screening and review of various departments. As a required course for our new employees, it can make everyone more quickly and flexibly familiar with the working environment , Understand business processes, master basic business skills, and lay a solid foundation for you to become the future business elite. I hope that our new colleagues can feel the valuable experience and knowledge of understanding and learning, and flexibly apply it to practical work. I believe that as long as you study this book carefully, you will definitely have a lot of great gains! This internal reference is only used for internal learning, but does not excessively pursue academic value and professionalism. After reading, tell us more true feelings. There must be many mistakes and omissions, and I hope everyone can give us sincere opinions so that we can improve in the future!